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    Professional manufacturer of plastic gears

    Yueqing Xindesheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a professional manufacturer of plastic gears, plastic gears, worm gears, gearboxes, precision plastic mold design, production, production, injection molding processing. Located in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, it is located in Hongqiao Town, the capital of molds in China and the production base of electronic components in China. The factory covers an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters....

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    Ingenuity to manufacture every plastic gear product


    Provide plastic gear system solutions for various industries

    Choose Xin Desheng·Four reasons

    Strong comprehensive strength, excellent technical equipment and complete supporting facilities

    • Powerful15 years in production
    • Quality AssuranceAfter strict quality inspection
    • Complete rangeDiversified product variety
    • Perfect serviceRespond product after-sales


    15 years in production
    Xindesheng Electronics has 15 years of experience in the gear industry, and is a professional enterprise integrating the development, production, research and sales of plastic gear molds;
    To improve the safety factor and service life, it has R&D department, engineering department, plastic mold department, injection molding production department, precision machining department, assembly department, etc.
    Tel 13757785703

    Quality Assurance

    After strict quality inspection
    Our products are checked layer by layer to ensure that each product delivered to the customer is 100% qualified.
    The company has also been continuously certified by authoritative organizations
    Tel 13757785703

    Complete range

    Diversified product variety
    Complete product specifications and models, welcome to inquire.
    At the same time, we can customize all kinds of plastic gear products according to customer needs.
    Tel 13757785703

    Perfect service

    Respond to product after-sales problems in a timely manner
    Through the continuous efforts of Xindesheng people, we now have a professional after-sales service team.
    We provide 7×24 hours customer service to solve customer problems anytime, anywhere.
    Tel 13757785703

    News Center

    We will continue to share information about the plastic gear industry







    "Since the manufacture of injection-molded plastic gears in various plac...
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